We have supported adeo Travel for a number of years and recently helped them to upgrade their existing website to the WordPress platform. This included combining their website with the functionality of Woocommerce – a highly responsive ecommerce platform.

This was an extensive exercise to transfer the old website content to a design and layout. We have also worked with adeo Travel to improve their marketing mix – utilising a combination of Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to attract and remarket to their client base.

More recently we have supported adeo Travel to produce updated business cards and a print advertisement which was circulated to their customers in the United States.

adeo Travel
Website development, WordPress integration, Branding development, SEO/ Online Marketing
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Breaf & Idea.

The brief was simple – make our website look better, be responsive and allow us easy access so that we can make regular updates through a simple backend system.

We opted to make use of an existing WordPress Theme supporting travel agencies and adapt this to the needs of adeo Travel. We included the Woocommerce ecommerce platform to give added functionality.

Adeo also wanted updated business cards for their team and for additional support in create print adverts for circulation to their clients in the United States.

Alongside the website development, we worked with adeo to improve their online marketing capacity. Using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads we were able to develop a sophisticated remarketing campaign to target visits to their website.


As a result of our help, adeo Travel has significantly increased their sales activity. Website traffic is up some 120% comparing year to year figures.

Our work on improving their remarketing activity via Google Adwords has helped to solidify their existing customer base – driving more customers to enquire at a reduced cost.

Their social media engagement has also improved with more interaction taking place between themselves and future customers.

Since updating our website we've noticed a significant increase in inquiries from our customers

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